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LNG Refuelling Systems Cryoquip

LNG Refuelling Systems

LNG for replacement of Diesel in heavy haulage trucking fleets is a booming new market. Cryoquip is at the forefront of this market and has supplied over 30 LNG pumps and systems to Australia, China, USA and Taiwan.

The integral component of these systems is the ever reliable TC-34 submerged pump. This pump, with its motor totally submerged in LNG is seal-less, ensuring no down time with leaking seals or potential gas leaks. The pump is also fitted with ceramic bearings which ensure extra long service life.

Cryoquip Australia can provide a complete refueling systems incorporating:
  • Bulk LNG Storage vessel
  • Conditioning vaporizer (if required)
  • Submerged pump and vacuum insulated sump (vessel)
  • Control valves
  • Relief valves
  • Control systems
  • Vacuum insulated pipe work and hoses
  • Metering system and flow meters
  • Full fabrication, installation and commissioning services
Come and talk to Cryoquip, I am sure that working with Cryoquip will ensure you develop that competitive edge.
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